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We will share some technical information related to Personal Computers, Desktop PC, Notebook PC, Server, Operating Systems, Software Related Issues.

The solutions for the IT related issues, troubleshooting skills that might able to solve the problems will be posted here too.

11 May How to Solve Wi-Fi Speed Drop Issue ?
C Alan 11 308
We received a lot of enquiries from our customer regarding the Wi-Fi speed drop at some corner of their house or the office. Most of the users subscribed to a Hi Speed Broadband service, but they real..
18 Oct Case Studeis 317 HP ENVY x360 - 13-ag0003au Intermittent Not Charging
C Alan 0 453
Ms Customer feedback that the battery is intermitted not charging, as there's a dented mark on the charging port and customer feedback should be charging port issued.After troubleshooting, the chargin..
30 Sep Case Studies 311 Dell Inspiron N4050
C Alan 1 569
Ms Lee has a Dell Inspiron N4050 laptop running on Windows 7, she faced problem when access to some website which showing her the browser is not supported. The laptop existing specification is I5 2nd ..
26 Sep Case Studies 308 HP Pavilion TS Sleekbook 14
C Alan 0 346
Ms Tee has a 5 years old HP Pavilion TS Sleekbook 14 which she want to upgrade and do some preventive maintenance for this laptop before she pass over to her kid.This HP Pavilion TS Sleekbook running ..
01 Aug When Should We Replace the Thermal Paste
C Alan 1 723
When Should I Replace the Thermal Paste ?1) Whenever to remove the cpu cooler / heat sink from.  Whenever the cpu cooler or heat sink being removed, it might be dried ir some air bubbles goes into the..
07 Apr Work from Home ? What the considerations or equipments we need to work from home ?
C Alan 0 6777
"Work from home" is a hot keyword right now and "Work-from-Home-Ready" might be a hottest keyword in coming months or years. Some companies are "Work-from-Home-Ready" while some or not. Here's some ba..
19 Nov Windows 7 support will end on January 14, 2020
C Alan 0 832
Windows 7 support will end on January 14, 2020Refer : will discontinue Windows 7 support, th..
04 Nov Should I Buy a Service Part or Finished Good
C Alan 0 1230
Should I Buy a Service Part or Finished Good ?Many IT hardware components are being categorized into two major categories, which are the Service Parts and Finished Goods. It’s common that one identi..
20 Oct To Replace RAM, Should I Do It Myself
C Alan 0 1211
Some customers will ask the quote for RAM (memory) price from us without Installation. If I've got the chance to explain, I will always suggest to customer to bring it to us for installation.There'r..
05 Oct Reasons to Upgrade to SSD
C Alan 1 1198
It's the right time to upgrade your computer(s) from traditional HDD to SSD. There're several reasons that you should do that now. By upgrading the HDD to SSD, it makes your computer boot faster and..
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